Affecting Change

As a working congressional campaign manager, I stay attuned to new legislation that affects the common man. By supporting the right people in Congress, for example, I have a part in effecting change. Anything that has a wide reach and is beneficial to the public is great in my book. I believe in universal civic duty because when everyone stands together, it impacts the way we live. As one involved in elections, I know how important lawmakers can be. Give them a round of applause! I never discount the role of the government. Take a small example: officials have mandated Energy Star labels on appliances to guide users to make the best purchases. It affects everything from refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers to the old standby—a water heater. One simple piece of legislation matters. There is a huge market out there for these products and money talks.

The Energy Star program is a win-win situation for everyone. The government has taken advantage of its role and the public gets better-quality appliances that save water and energy. The buyer usually get a significant savings on their utility bills. Conservation is what it is all about these days. It is the watchword of our day. We find ourselves often in crisis mode when we think about dwindling resources. Any innovations and updates in utilitarian devices should be geared toward this priority. They are not state of the art if they are not designed for maximum efficiency. A new tankless water heater from featuring copper exchangers will use up to forty percent less energy than an old-style version. Tankless technology saves both energy and utility expenses. They operate only when hot water is needed so there is no need to keep reheated existing water. Furthermore, no pilot light (they use an electronic ignition) means minimal energy usage. It is as simple as that.

Let’s give it up for such premium technology. It doesn’t automatically mean higher prices for you as you might expect. You can select the appropriate size to perfectly customize your efficiency. Plus, you might get rebates and tax credits if you buy Energy Star appliances. By conserving natural resources, the new products allow you to stain green with a sustainable choice. Let’s not forget less waste because tankless models last longer (and you don’t have to place whole systems, but just individual parts), and high standards for low CO2 emissions.

The public is jumping on the conservation bandwagon as more attention is drawn to the problem of rampant waste. Local programs are springing up here and there to tackle the matter at the local level. It starts small and can grow. Tell everyone to buy Samsung, GE, LG, and any other brands marked as satisfying the requirements of the Energy Star program that was inaugurated in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a way to identify and support products that are the most energy efficient. Spend your money where it counts.