Fundraising Gala


Holding a fundraising gala is definitely one of the best parts of actually being on the campaign trail. Yes, you’re there to work. Yes, you’re there to network. Yes, putting the whole thing together in the first place was a great deal of work for everyone involved and it will be for you as well. However, it is that much more important for people to be able to actually have some fun with the campaign trail at this stage in the game. You can actually do that at a fundraising gala.

Putting the thing together in the first place is so exhausting that there is going to be a big voice in your head that is practically begging you at all times to give it up and somehow use the money in a more ‘constructive’ way, which means a way that is going to be easier for you to arrange. However, you press on, you end up with a bunch of wealthy donors that are there and that are going to actually give you huge portions of the money that you need to actually get ahead.

One night with these wealthy donors can mean more than hours and hours of phone banking. Phone banking is great and you need someone who is going to be able to finance you even in a small way. Getting a bunch of people to contribute small amounts of money is more realistic than getting a large number of people to contribute large amounts of money, even though the latter is obviously better. Getting small numbers of people to contribute large amounts of money is also more realistic, and the two approaches have to be combined.

It seems like asking fifty people to give you a dollar might be a more difficult way to make fifty bucks than asking one person to give you fifty bucks. However, if we’re talking about fifty thousand dollars, finding one person to give you the fifty thousand is often going to be harder than asking for the money from a bunch of different people, all of whom are going to give you varying amounts of money and many of whom are going to give you enough to justify the phone call. However, it is frustrating to do that while still having to keep in mind that one person giving you the fifty thousand dollars would be more than enough to end all of this and that one wealthy donor could stop it all right there. That’s where the fundraising gala comes into play.

You can really have some fun at the event. It is still going to be a glamorous evening in some cases. You know that this is the sort of evening that you always picture when you start working as someone’s campaign manager. You picture yourself in the suit going around to different events and schmoozing with all of the potential donors that are there.