Is Your Water Good for Teeth? Thank a Member of Congress!

We expect that our government officials are looking after us citizens as an automatic part of their jobs. It is a noble calling to be elected to office at any level from the municipal or state on up to the national tier. We feel protected by our lawmakers and we hope we are correct to take this stance. If one violates our trust, he or she will be voted out of office. My town is a microcosm of a larger sphere so let’s use it as an example. In my community, we have had water issues. They aren’t always a matter of scarcity and conservation. Sometimes it has to do with high levels of lead or other unwanted pollutants. Our problem was of a different nature. An outspoken group of parents felt that valuable fluoride was disappearing from our water due to reverse osmosis filtration. They quoted from a web site called Home Water Health. This reverse osmosis process is known to work wonders on dozens of unwanted elements, but should fluoride be one of them? Children need it as they grow up to protect their teeth. Or is that right? It’s not something that can be resolved with a poll on a Facebook page.

The local politicians joined together to state that toothpaste nowadays contains enough fluoride and that water doesn’t have to bear the entire burden of eliminating tooth decay. The first question you must ask is whether fluoride is necessary as an additive in water. Next, do carbon filters (commonly used) or reverse osmosis systems deprive local residents of something they should have. Should there be mandatory state laws regarding this issue of public health? If you live in an area where the laws are on your side regarding fluoride. You can thank your congressman. Here’s just another reason why they are revered. But not everyone is in agreement.

A blog cannot answer all these questions definitively. There isn’t enough space, nor am I an expert. They are here as food for thought. As for me, I believe what the experts say: fluoride has been around for a long time and has been proven to be safe. You do not have to worry about excess levels such that public water needs filtration. Not only is this element safe, but it has also been proven to decrease the incidence of cavities in children. If you don’t believe it and want to make your own decision, you can install an over or under counter unit, or a faucet reverse osmosis system. You can even eliminate fluoride from your showers. You can set one up in the refrigerator. If purity is what you want, you can get it. You may be kidding yourself, but filtered water certainly can’t hurt you.

It is your choice, even if the government has mandated a solution one way or another. You can buy water containing fluoride or move to another town. It shouldn’t be a crisis situation. I personally don’t blame our congressmen wherever they stand. There are good points on all sides.