We Win!

There are different rewards when you run political campaigns and most revolve around the candidate winning. In the last election, I also happened to get a bonus after helping someone win a state congressional campaign. It gave me the opportunity to decide how to use the money. Most of the time, I spend my income on business, travel or other practical matters. Now it was time to upgrade my kitchen to include the best touchless kitchen faucet. I kid you not. This had become a priority since the old faucet started to malfunction. It was beyond repair so why not replace it with the newest model. Touchless is the latest in a long line of innovations including instant hot and filtered cold water. Faucets are flexible and come in varying finishes and sizes that fit your sink perfectly. You would not buy the same one for a utility sink as for a bathroom or kitchen. A super long neck is an asset as long as you can move it up. It is all about ease and convenience.

I really got into the research and found out all the details of the touchless faucet. Let me tell you blog readers, they are a marvel. Not only do they look amazing with their super modern design, but you can work hands free while performing various kitchen tasks. Anyone who has held a knife in one hand and a bag of frozen peas in another knows what I mean. You no longer have to put things down. Touchless faucets save time and effort for sure. I had to have one. It was easy to select the best in my price range. They have all come down in cost as demand has increased for the novelty. It has now become a requirement for new construction. It is also a plus for home resale.

As for me, it was the simple need to upgrade so as to speed up the cooking process that can take up so much time. I fly through the kitchen. I like to work fast with something in each hand. Kohler, Virtu, Moen, Delta and Franke all had ample choices. There are probably more brands who have jumped on the technological train. Some genius in the R & D department of one of them originated the concept and all followed suit. It is like a grass roots political idea that gains momentum as the public discovers it. What is new often becomes old hat. We are not there yet with the touchless faucet. It still surprises me.

I often wonder how these marvels work. Some have alternate or optional handles, but I prefer the clean lines of the basic model. The whole thing makes for a more hygienic working and cleanup environment. This certainly adds to the value. It is said to be “technology in tune with your every move.” A wave of the hand activates the system. You can even use a utensil or pot. It operates on a precision-designed built-in sensor. The benefits are reliability and no false operation. It is state of the art perfection that goes on in 20 milliseconds. I am impressed.